Pardner’s Pantry

Pardner’s Pantry has been serving Farmer’s Markets, and Specialty stores Fine Baked Goods and is now serving the Greater Claiborne County through Whitt’s Place, a great place to stock up with locally made fairs.

Our organic “OO” Winter Wheat Pizza Crusts are pre-baked, allowing you to create your own combination of toppings before you finish the Baking Process. The end product is a ‘Crisply Crust’ of your own making with every crispy delicious bite. We use organic “OO” Neapolitan style and semolina winter wheat flour for just the right ‘bite’. Other ingredients include yeast, honey, Sourdough, and roasted Garlic salt. In yonder days, a local County Representative would take them to New York in a “show and tell.” Directions ‘included’ to make an awesome Pizza of your own topping creations. Now available right here in Tennessee at Whitt’s Place.

Pan de Cristal is an Italian dipping bread. Our version highlights the crisp outer crust with a light, airy heart that is ideal for absorbing fine Olive oils with perhaps a hint of Balsamic Vinegar. These dinner loaves bring balance and attention to any meal, Italian or not.

Baguettes make a great addition to any meal, especially soups or salads. Again, the airy quality and subtle sourdough accentuate the flavors of the day, be it loaded with cheese and tomatoes as an appetizer. or as a compliment to a Whitt’s Place Steak Dinner. Then again, might we suggest a Picnic Adornment?

We will offer additional compliments to the dining table in the weeks ahead. Bon appetite!