French Dip Sandwich

French Dip Sandwich

One of our favorite meals is a French Dip Sandwich with an Au Jus dipping sauce. That excellent Roast Beef soaks up the beefy flavor, and the bread gets a little soggy. What you might not know is that it is a pretty simple process. The hardest part might be having your knife sharp enough to get those perfect thin slices. Chef Ali worked up this recipe, and you’ll find it easy to follow. The only significant time required is 90 minutes in the oven. Follow along!


  • Sirloin Top Roast (or Round Roast)
  • Kosher Salt
  • Cracked Black Pepper
  • Fresh Rosemary (or dried)
  • Oil, for browning (Avocado, Vegetable, etc.)
  • Provolone Cheese
  • Crusty Rolls


Generously season all sides of the Roast with Salt, Pepper, and Rosemary.

Generously Seasoned Roast

Heat oil in a Cast Iron Pan.

Sear the Roast on all sides, approximately three minutes per side to seal in the juices.

Roast, Browned in Cast Iron Skillet

Place the Roast in an oven pre-heated to 250°.

Cook for one hour and twenty minutes.

Turn off the oven, and leave the Roast in the oven for forty minutes.

Roast Beef, Cooked

Remove from the oven and slice thinly against the grain. (Chef Ali likes to use an electric knife.)

Slicing the Roast Beef Thinly
Roast Beef, Sliced, and Ready to Serve

Add approximately one cup of boiling water to the Cast Iron Pan and scrape the bottom of the pan to create the Au Jus.

Pour the pan juices through a sieve to create a beautiful clean broth for dipping.

To create the sandwich, warm crusty rolls of your choice, and slice them open.

Add a generous amount of the thinly sliced meat to the roll. Top with provolone cheese.

Place the sandwich under the broiler briefly to melt the cheese.

If desired, add mayonnaise, horseradish, mustard, or your favorite condiments.

Cut the sandwich in half, and dip each bite into the yummy Au Jus broth.

French Dip, Plated with Tater Tots

Chef Ali’s Way

To take it to a next level sandwich, Chef Ali adds sauted onions and mushrooms.


  • 1 Sweet Onion
  • Mushrooms
  • Amish Butter
  • Oil (of your choice)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Dried Thyme


Thinly slice the onions and mushrooms.

Mushrooms and Onions, Sliced Thinly

Heat a tablespoon of Amish Butter and a tablespoon of Oil in a pan.

Once the butter and oil are hot, add the Mushrooms and Onions.

Add Salt, Pepper, and Dried Thyme to the veggies.

Saute on Medium until the vegetables are soft and colored.

Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions

Chef Ali adds this to the meat on the sandwich, before topping with the Provolone Cheese.

At our house, we believe any good sandwich deserves a side of Crispy Tater Tots!

Yummy French Dip Sandwich